Friday, September 17, 2010

show us your edmonton day two!

We met Jacob at the Sugar Bowl this morning! He's a super sweet guy who works as a programmer for a company called Media Shakers. He's got a great sense of humour and the Sugar Bowl was a really great place to eat, coincidentally it is right next to the High Level Diner (where we were yesterday) I ate a mushroom and bacon omelette, Jacob had a really delicious looking eggs Benedict and robin ate a half cinnamon bun and a fruit salad.

Jacob also talked about Edmonton's parks and how they really are a gem in the city. i have to agree. Jacob sent us to Terwillegar Park. He also made a few night time suggestions, including Blues on White which I might try to go to this weekend. Terwillegar Park is huge, and absolutely beautiful, we hiked around and I took 60+ pictures, I have chosen a few that best represent the day. The park is popular among dog owners so i got to pet a lot of dogs on the trails. We also found some deer tracks but no deer. On the way back to the van we did a little trail blazing and just trekked though the woods.

we had a really nice time. and this is Robin's version of the day. as well as our always improving podcast!

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