Sunday, September 19, 2010

show us your edmonton day four!!

Today we met Mary at Padmanadi. What a wonderful day. We had a really amazing vegan breakfast. Robin had a chance to eat some fake bacon and eggs benny, two things he can't normally eat and i ate ginger waffles (something i normally can't eat at restaurants) Mary ate a delicious looking tofu omelet. Mary is an American dressed in Canadian clothing. She will hopefully be a Canadian citizen in the next year or two. She works as an archivist and curator for the Sisters of Providence at Providence Centre. And she studied library studies at McGill University.

For our adventure Mary suggested that we ride the LRT (Light Rapid Transit) or Little Raphie's Train) from the north end of Edmonton to the South end and back up again. This was a really nice adventure. We did a lot of people watching and we got out to look at a few sites. We tried to go to a library but they don't open until 1:00pm. Mary was telling us that the Edmonton Public Library is a pretty well known library in "librarian circles" for being a pretty good one. Go Edmonton!!
We also looked at the little rain-forest in the citadel theater. I think I would hang out there on cold winter afternoons if I lived in Edmonton... when I live in Edmonton.
Is this a project that we are doing so I can figure out which city I want to live in next?

don't forget to click here and read Robins version of our day.

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  1. Hey!!! I might be taking my first ride on Little Raphie's Train tomorrow! Thanks for the teaser pics! :)
    (and yes, I realize that this entire post can be interpreted as something "dirty"...well, do with it what you will)