Monday, September 20, 2010

show us your edmonton day five!!

Oh my God Edmonton!
What a great day!! I was on another solo breakfast this morning. I ate at Dadeo with Rachelle. Dadeo serves traditional creole food and if you know me you know I long for the day I can go back to New Orleans. This place makes really authentic creole food. If I lived here I would eat there all the time. We both ate breakfast po boys with coffee. Delicious!

We talked a lot about farming and agriculture. Rachelle is a student at the University of Alberta and she works at the U of A farms in 'cereals'. so her job is to process wheat, barley canola ect. and test their proteins? okay that might not be the best description of what she does but the farm is pretty amazing. The university has a fair amount of land (i saw one field that was 250 acres) as well as a dairy farm where students do research and learn how to milk cows and take care of them. We got a tour of the dairy farm and the research facilities. I didn't take any photos of the space because i was requested not to. But the cows looks like regular dairy cows so don't worry.

You have to wear these plastic booties to see the cows!! I put my camera away once these were on. but we saw some calves and some cows and we learned a lot about what happens in the dairy farm from our impromptu tour guide a man whose name is pronounced RZA.. yeah! We also met a younger guy named Eric who talked to us about the differences between this dairy farm and other dairy farms he had worked on and different milking techniques.

While driving away from U of A farms Rachelle suggested we go somewhere she had never been before. So we went to check out the Whitemud Equine Centre that Robin and I were looking for on the first day. It was wonderful. We met Jane a T.A at the center she gave us a quick tour of the stables and told us about the kinds of classes they teach there. If you are an adult and you want to learn how to ride you should call them up. If you used to ride and you like children and horses they love to have volunteers working at the centre with kids ranging in ages and they have a program for children with disabilities. I highly suggest checking out the centre if you live in the city. If you are passing through and want to see some horses also stop in but check in at the office first.

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