Sunday, September 19, 2010

show us your edmonton day three!

Today was my solo mission and I missed Robin a lot.
I met jerf. a former vancouver resident. Jerf (Jeff) and I ate at Tasty Toms I ate an omlette that was filled with meat. and we partook in some afternoon beers. Jerf and I talked a lot about things that a person could do in Edmonton, but he decided that to more realistically to show me "his" Edmonton he would prefer for me to come over for an afternoon of drinking and "shooting the shit". I met his amazing girlfriend Bernice at his house as well as his roommate Lee and his friend Choicey, who i started to call Chancy. Bernice made us grilled cheese, soup and french fries for super! She is officially my favorite person in Edmonton so far. (sorry jerf)
We also went to the starlight to see Bison, but Jerf made us late for the show and we missed it completely, it's likely that a party is happening with the band at Jerfs house right now but I came back to the hotel to get some rest before breakfast tomorrow! growing up is so responsible sometimes...

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