Thursday, May 13, 2010

portland day one!

I got into Portland on Monday evening and immediately went to the university to meet up with JDR and Helen Reed. I made morning plans with Helen and had a few drinks with Jen. Then I went to my new home for the first half of my trip. This house is huge and beautiful. Sandy (my host) has a beautiful yard and she lives in a wonderful neighborhood. One thing that freaks me out about Portland, aside from how much I already love it is that the street don't have street lights in this part of town. It's both comforting to know they don't need them and that the city is so environmentally conscience and disconcerning to walk around in the dark at night... the real dark.

Tuesday morning I woke up bright and early and Helen picked me up to take me to a church yard sanctuary a little ways out of Portland. She used me as an "actor" (I'm using that term loosely) in a video project she's making for Open Engagement. I got to walk around in the woods for and hour or so. It was pretty surreal.

Once Helen had all the footage she needed She dropped me off at Sandy's house and I ventured out for a solo breakfast. I ate at the Spunky Monkey. I wasn't fond of the name but the place looked cute and the lady who worked at the dry cleaners across the street said "I hear they have organic sort of stuff over there." sold. My meal was really great the coffee was fresh and the girl who served me was super friendly. by noon on Tuesday I had already decided that I LOVE Portland!

This is the first long written entry on this blog ever! there will be one every day that I'm here if not two .. or three.

I'm a day behind in writing but we have a breakfast date at 7am tomorrow. so I will go to bed now. <3

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