Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day Three: Ben

On the third Day of our Show up your Portland project we met up with Ben. Ben is awesome, he's a friend of my friend Jude. We had a long chat about politics in the states vs. politics in Canada and we also learned about all the languages Ben knows. I was deadly impressed when he wrote out a word for us in old timey greek. With Ben we ate at Helsers on Alberta. This place was amazing. I think Robin and I are going to go back right after I finish writing this blog entry. I ate buttermilk pancakes, scrambles eggs, and a scotch egg. Robin ate a pear and havarti pie and ben ate porrige and scrambled aggs. The meal was really beautiful and the waitress kept refilling my coffe so regularly that i think i drank about eight cups of coffee before we left.
Ben suggested we visit the Japanese gardens. He is a carpenter and a house builder and in his suggestion for checking out the Japanese gardens he wanted us to pay close attention to the carpentry in the gardens. The whole Garden was designed by traditional Japanese gardeners and often wins international awards (even beating Japan) Ben sent up to find a small structure in the garden and to check out the way the cedar posts met the rocks on the ground. "mastery". And it was.
The Gardens are 9$ to get in and totally worth it.

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