Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day Two: kenneth

Oon our second day of breakfasts we ate with Kenneth at the Bakery Bar, Robin and I both at granola. Delicious granola sweetened with honey and topped with plain yogurt. Kenneth is a really great guy. He's originally from Tennessee and he is actually a distant relative of Davey Crockett! The Davey Crockett.Pretty neat. Kenneth's suggestion for our day adventure was really wonderful. He spoke highly of the Japanese and Chinese gardens, as well as the Rose test Gardens, but he told us that the gardens in people yards were really some of the most impressive. The yards according to him are quite small here (maybe compared to Tennessee they are but compared to Toronto they are a dream) So Kenneth suggested we take a long walk South of Alberta st near Freemont. In that neighborhood there were going to be some impressive gardens. He sent us to also find two specific houses that were quite notable. We wandered the streets and had a lovely day looking at homes and gardens. Both houses Kenneth sent us to were crazy. i wanted to knock on there doors and ask them what they had done right to live in such amazing homes.
thanks to Kenneth Robin and i had a lovely day.

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