Saturday, June 25, 2011

show us your unionville!! DAY TWO - sean

Day two!
Today we met a charming man named Sean. He has lived in Markham for 38 years. He moved to Toronto from Dublin, Ireland in 1955 and after that he moved to Markham. Sean has seen the city change a lot in 38 years (for better or for worse) and he drove us around the city showing us new developments and old landmarks. It was really interesting, and Sean himself is quite the story teller. He had a story about everything!

The place that Sean wanted to take us to (Apple Jacks) was closed, so we settled for Cora's. Once we were on our driving tour about we stopped at a couple locations along the way, I have limited photos today because of some technical difficulties with my camera. But here is a link to our podcast from the day listen and enjoy!

and of course check out Robin's website for more UNIONVILLE!

Just going for a little drive about. 

We stopped at Too Good Pond (i love the name!)

And I chased some geese...

Million dollar homes...

So, so much construction...
Its a city bursting at the seams with development.

So that was day two.. what will tomorrow hold for us?!?

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