Monday, March 1, 2010

take a walk

Feeling a bit bummed about my life today I decided to just 'walk it off '. I really love my neighborhood, there are a lot of seemingly abandoned buildings and there is a lot of half finished construction. These are two things I love, heavy machinery and abandoned spaces, the two usually go hand in hand for at least a little while. I love when a space is occupied by construction during the day and left in flux at night. Construction zones at night are a no man's land. I know I'm not supposed to like the construction in my neighborhood, i don't like the end result of condos and gentrification, but i do love the in between time and space of a construction site.

So, I was walking around one of the 'abandoned buildings' trying to figure out if i could break into it later in the evening.When suddenly a man in a car unrolled his window and asked me if i wanted to see the inside of the building. Awesome. It turns out they use the space for movies and most of the walls aren't real. Pretty neat. It also turned out the stranger was a really nice guy, and i hope I magically run into him again. The whole building is pretty well maintained, which isn't what i expected, but who could have seen this scenario happening anyways?

Sometimes it's a good idea to follow a strange man into what appears to be an abandoned building, and sometimes it isn't.

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